Why did I join Ottawa123? No lie – my wife got me into it. But why I stayed with O123 is a different story.

Ever since I started reading criticisms of our first-past-the-post system, I knew I wanted to do something to change the system. But, I’m a pretty busy guy, and I felt I didn’t have the right talent that was useful to the cause. Sure, I can sign the petition and write to my councillor, but I didn’t know enough about the ins-and-outs of how voting systems work.

I’ll be honest – I’m no expert in politics. At all. But, like most Ottawans, I’m sensible enough to be able to tell that our electoral system is broken, and I tend to side with solutions to make our elections fairer. This is why I continue to support ranked choice voting and campaign with Ottawa123.

And what a good choice that has been!

I realized that even though I believed and supported RCV on a level that most of our 2000 petition signatories do (that’s a plug – go sign the petition now!), it was even more important to actively show our politicians that the voting reform movement doesn’t come from political geeks like my (precious, lovely,) wife.

I’m learning that successful campaigns aren’t run by a few experts alone, but requires a lot more regular ol’ people like myself. In fact, campaigns only work that way.

In my time with Ottawa123, I’ve been able to get involved in a whole variety of cool events like the Pride Parade, Soup Ottawa, City Idol, and Stitching the Social Safety Net.

I also realized that Ottawa123 didn’t need me to get an A+ in a Politics course. Instead, they needed everything else I could just about offer.

And so, I got the opportunity to do something I love: Film! I have some background in it, and I’ve always loved thinking about, producing, and presenting movies–but of course my day job is just about the furthest thing from it!

What I’ve gotten from  joining the campaign so far: cool friends; a ton of cookies; learning SO MUCH more about our local government; feeling like I have a part in this movement.

And here’s the plug I’m getting paid in cookies to do: Join O123! Literally every skill and every kind of person is needed. Contribute what you enjoy, offer what you can!